Melike Erşan

Stop Motion Animation Artist / Illustrator

Hi! I’m Melike. I’ve been professionally creating stop motion animations for a wide range of brands and clients around the world more than 5 years. Besides that, I write the scenarios, design the scenes & characters, and prepare the storyboards for the animation videos.

How do I work?

Upon receiving your request, first, I’ll work the scenario of the animation based on the design and the story that you have in mind, and present you the draft plan/outline of the video. If we agree on the outline, I’ll create a storyboard and ask for your approval. If we’re set, I’ll draw and create the visuals by hand -in the traditional way – which will make the final product unique for you / your brand.

Please do not hesitate to contact with me for further information. I am looking forward to hearing your ideas & projects and work on them together creatively!